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A collection that started off as an illusion Or: how I fell in love with Magritte and...

Time flies. Before I finish one collection’s photo shoot I’ve already started working on the next.

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Thoughts of the Economic Nature and The Wisdom of Crowds

Lately I’ve been feeling that I am reliving the same conversations over and over, with only the…

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My Label now has a flagship store in Sarona’s open air shopping area. On your way up to the second…

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Creative Contractions \ A Collection is Born

Well, I must admit that just like anyone I have my “guilty pleasure”, which lately happens…

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Oh, Sweet Aesthetics

You could say that throughout the day I’m always in the midst of a creative process. All day…

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My User Experience

You can call me old fashioned, but when I buy something new I still have to feel, touch and smell it.

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Thoughts on people, connections and materials

Here it comes. Like that moment in a relationship when you decide to move in together.

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